WOW!  Walking into Dallas market center for the very first time in my life felt like I was walking though the gates of Heaven.  I looked up and saw 15 stories of pure bliss and I was in my happiest of places.  Thank goodness my sister was there to hold me together.  We were pretty clueless about where to start and decided the 15th contemporary floor sounded pretty good.  Right out of the elevator, we walked into the first store in front of us.  Being new to all of this was already pretty intimidating, but my experience in that store left me feeling like Julia Roberts in the famous movie, Pretty Woman.  When I walked to the counter for assistance and began explaining how I am a brand new online fashion business and would love some suggestions of where to begin my buying process in their store.  The two women at the counter looked at me pretty speechless as a tried to hold my professional self together.  After I saw I was going to get no help from them, I politely asked if I may look around to see if anything would fit my style.  As I began browsing, many thoughts of discouragement filled my head as I begin thinking of all the work and effort I had put into getting my business started.  It was my first glimpse of how the fashion world could be, but I could and would not give up.  That experience honestly motivated me even more and from that moment on, I was on a mission at market to find what would build my brand.  Honestly, I met some of the nicest and most helpful people that filled me with valuable advice to achieve my dreams.  One piece of advice from sweet little vendor that stuck with me is in order to be successful in this industry, is to sell myself and tell my story.  So, that's what I'm gong to do, be genuine to myself, love others, and enjoy every moment in this new journey in my life. Overall, my first experience at market was an eye opening, learning experience that will never be forgotten!  I will cherish every interaction from the positive, the discouraging, to the most rewarding of my life!


Love, Jenni

April 05, 2017 by Jenni Redick

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